Schnitzel Ranch

Formerly owned and operated by Renja and Les Haas, members of NAVHPA, the Schnitzel Ranch restaurant hosted the NAVHPA Chapter monthly business meeting and social dinner until they sold in 2019. Renja and Less continue to be active members NAVHPA.

Redstone Test Center


Thanks to the Field and Laboratory Sensors Test Division for the kind donation of the C/M model gun mounts and rocket pod mounts (rare items, indeed), and 19-shot rocket pods.  Thanks also to the Aviation Flight Test Directorate for the donation of the 7-shot rocket pods and scraped helicopter parts which made the restoration of Buc 3 possible. 

Science & Engineering Services

One of our great corporate sponsors who volunteered to strip and paint Buc 3 in the original Vietnam era paint scheme.  Their attention to detail deserves a huge “Thank You!”

Yulista Aviation Services

Instrumental in the restoration, Yulista’s technical expertise in aircraft repair has made, what for us would be impossible, the dream-come-true reality of Buc 3 today.  Their continued support gets our undying gratitude. 

Madison County Executive Airport

Support has been vital to on-going preservation of of Buc 3.  We thank the airport authority for it’s continuing support.

Cullman Savings Bank

Donated cash which has been used to purchase support equipment, maintain BUC-3 and equipment and fund operational expenses. Donations were used to purchase an enclosed trailer that hauls display equipment and BUC-3 armament systems and the purchase of items that continually improve our display


The NAVHPA wants to thank our generous sponsors for their continued support and confidence in our organization, our goals, and our accomplishments.  Without your support we would not be able to support Veteran events, provide hands on living history to our local schools, nor repair  maintain and exhibit the helicopters that have been provided for our use by the US Veterans Memorial Museum.  "THANK YOU for your generosity."